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Spotlight on: automotive industry learning needs

Take a dive into the automotive learning landscape to explore potential solutions to meet the automotive industry’s learning needs.

Spotlight on: healthcare industry learning trends

What are the latest healthcare industry learning trends? And what does it mean for digital learning?

Facial recognition technology scan and detect people face for identification

Unlock LMS potential with personalised user experiences

At BestAtDigital we develop custom interfaces that deliver personalised user experiences and increase employee engagement with platforms.

Why it’s good to feed back

Giving feedback has so many benefits and forms a large part of the learning programmes we design.

Shoot the messenger – telling stories

Telling stories in an authentic way with credible voices, is one way in which we make sure that the content our clients release to their employees is personally relevant.

How to build trust in the workplace

Investing in building trust in the workplace, is crucial in today’s climate. Trust is not just an expectation of behaviour, it’s an emotional brain state.

Stress as motivation for learning

There are some unexpected benefits to experiencing a little bit of stress.
While heightened stress can feel overwhelming and decrease motivation, a little bit can help to kick-start your work, and actually enhance motivation.

Learning design: keeping it personal

Learning design is essentially about writing and organising learning content…

UX microcopy and the power of words

As workplace learning becomes ever more about influencing behaviour…

Caring for your employees’ mental health and wellbeing

The leading cause of work sickness absence is mental ill health…