Content management and creation

From scale ups to enterprise, our “canvas” solution helps organisation’s deal with the rapid content management and creation needs they face as they navigate the pace of change in a modern, distrubuted workplace.


Structure their onboarding experience the way your organisation runs. Not a one size fits all approach, rather a series of highly tuned components you can deploy flexibly and at the point of need. Want to add your own flavour? That’s no problem, our “Canvas” solution lets you edit, redesign and create new pages of content with little, to no, technical overhead.  

Sharing best practises

When your team is up and running, they need a way to share their evolving best practices. Our “Canvas” workspace capabilities are ideal for distributed teams, nationally, regionally, internationally that want to document best practices and keep each other informed.

Not just a document library but a living, beautiful content management and creation tool they can use to share ideas, documentation, training materials or more – all in a beautifully configured on-brand UI. 

Elevating existing platforms and technology

Sometimes you need that need that HR, LMS, HRIS, LRS or intranet platform – the costs of migration are simply too great to move everyone off them, and often the content on them is great but people don’t know where to look to find it. That’s where our API integrations help.

We bring together your existing platforms into a one stop shop – still with the same content management and creation capabilities as our standard “Canvas” offering but now with dynamic data driven experiences unlocked.  

Custom capabilities

Sometimes the problem you have is one you simply can’t solve with an off the shelf solution. We can help. We’ve developed a raft of custom capabilities that solve intricate technology problems within an organisation but without the embedded costs of developing or buying new platforms.

We can help analyse your existing technology stack, develop custom capabilities that transform your existing data and do this all within the confines of your existing platform architecture. 

Learning and capability development

We’re also experts in creating learning and capability dashboards – we can help you get new insights from your content, help your users understand how their skills are improving over time and generate custom learning and skills dashboards that transform your data into manageable bite size chunks.  

Behavioural science

As we strive to improve our services, we’re gradually increasing the ways in which we can bring lessons and understanding from behavioural science into our solutions. From nudges to social norms to chunking – we’re always looking to improve.  

We’re delighted that our work with Bupa has been shortlisted for an Engage Award in the category of Best Use of Technology in Employee Engagement.

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