Partners 2023


At BAD we understand how working together with great digital learning partners can produce great results.

We work with companies that are the best of breed and complement our own skills and services.

This digital learning community enables the best results for some of the world’s biggest businesses.

If you are interested in working in partnership with a digital learning agency that is on a mission to change bad habits and improve performance, then please get in touch.

Our digital learning partners

Access Learning, part of the Access People division offers industry leading digital training solutions to give you the tools you need to train, engage and empower your employees. Let your people learn the way they want to learn with flexible solutions that:

  • Deliver digital learning that’s engaging and memorable with over 1000+ industry specific eLearning courses
  • Support performance and development, helping your people build meaningful careers.
  • Ensure the compliance of your organisation now and in future, with advanced tracking and management features.
  • Improve the people experience within your organisation, building your employer brand.
cornerstone partner logo

Cornerstone helps organisations unite people growth with business success to create work environments that inspire growth, productivity and success for all.

Talent leaders use their adaptive HR software to create a work environment defined by individual growth and collective success. With their help, organisations can leverage AI and their skills-forward system to modernise their learning and development experience, deliver the most relevant content to their people from anywhere, accelerate talent and career mobility, and establish skills as their universal framework for growth and success.

elucidat partner logo

Elucidat is a multi-award winning eLearning authoring tool used by some of the world’s largest enterprise organizations. Training produced in Elucidat has reached over 35 million learners worldwide.  

Elucidat’s next generation authoring tool makes it possible for users to create engaging, impactful e-learning content, so that anyone can quickly share their knowledge and skills with their organization. 

Designed to tackle some of the most common challenges of producing and delivering online learning, Elucidat offers a solution for novice and experienced authors, as well as subject matter experts. 

Filtered is a Content Intelligence platform designed to help enterprise organizations master content chaos and effectively manage hundreds of thousands of overlapping L&D content titles.

Learning content proliferation is one of the toughest challenges for CLOs. Unchecked, it creates bad user experiences, erodes trust in the learning ecosystem and wastes $10bn every year. 

If you want to get L&D content chaos under control, Filtered are your go-to solution. Filtered’s algorithms help filter through all your content and identify the materials that are most relevant and valuable. Their tools help you evaluate the value of your libraries, enrich your metadata, and curate at scale.

global lingo partner logo

Global Lingo partners with organisations around the world helping them deliver fluent communications to internal and external audiences. Global Lingo ensure that their clients’ content is accurate, consistent and culturally relevant in multiple languages. 

Global Lingo offer a comprehensive suite of translation, transcription, minute-taking, and voiceover solutions that can help businesses reach new markets and connect with clients around the world. They have over 15 years of experience in the industry, and pride themselves on their first-class customer service, combined with delivering projects on time and within budget. 

storytagger partner logo

StoryTagger is the employee-generated video platform helping everyone share knowledge as impactful, on-point stories to engage, teach and inspire coworkers.

With unique storytelling, reflective practice and smart recording tools, StoryTagger empowers people from across your organisation to transform complex work experiences into ready-to-share videos, bringing the power of social content to a wide range of urgent business needs.

Available on mobile and desktop, it’s the easiest way to capture meaningful stories to increase engagement, be more responsive to goals and cut production costs.

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