Spotlight on: healthcare industry learning trends

What are the latest healthcare industry learning trends? And what does it mean for digital learning?

How to use data analytics for LMS landing page optimisation

Using evidence-based approaches, data-led design and simple reporting for your LMS landing page optimisation will improve ROI and keep users engaged.

Nissan Europe

Nissan Europe partner with BestAtDigital to develop a multi-country, multi-language learning solution that delivers personalised content to car dealers.


BestAtDigital take Abcam’s learning management system experience to the next level with a centralised, digital learning space.

Facial recognition technology scan and detect people face for identification

Unlock LMS potential with personalised user experiences

At BestAtDigital we develop custom interfaces that deliver personalised user experiences and increase employee engagement with platforms.

How to design a manager onboarding checklist

The onboarding experience is a key focus for every organisation, and an onboarding checklist is invaluable for managers.

group of young employees in the workplace in the office

Three ways to make an impact with your remote onboarding programme

Not only does a manager understand what a new starter needs to accomplish…

Utilising the role of the manager in the onboarding process

Not only does a manager understand what a new starter needs to accomplish…

How to make your online onboarding ‘social’

Onboarding is going online. For many organisations, creating online…

How to measure the success of your digital onboarding programme

When it comes to designing and implementing digital onboarding…