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Custom but clever learning content with cadence

Innovation comes in many forms. A few years ago, we realised that it was getting hard to innovate learning content within the confines of the tools that our industry relies on. Templates of web pages, template interaction types and a host of other limitations from analytics data to multi-language support simply weren’t cutting it for us.  

So, we rebelled against these restrictions and developed Cadence

What is Cadence?

Cadence is our own digital development framework allowing us to build custom learning content with the same convenience as standard tools. We use it for a wide variety of content requirements: 

Why do we use it?

Because it’s flexible and when we want to unleash our creative potential we want as much flexibility as possible. Because we control the UX we can create unlimited end-user experiences that people want to do, find easy to use and deliver a wide array of other benefits to stakeholders.  

Polished but pragmatic

Although it sounds complicated to manage this creative potential, we’re also aware that we need to be practical about managing our creativity. So, we’ve built a whole set of capabilities around the tool to ensure that it’s not just great to design beautiful learning content for, it’s also easy to work with when we create it. That’s why we’ve developed: 

  • Review and commenting capabilities – track changes and comments in line to make content creation easier to manage in large organisations spread over many geographies
  • Editing tools to make changing text and images as straightforward as using a word document
  • Standard components – sometimes the right thing to do is already there so we don’t re-invent the wheel we have a large and growing component library

As a result, we have one of the world’s best front end development tools for creating online learning content that is engaging, exciting and educational.  

Proven in some of the most demanding enterprises

It’s not just our word you should take for it we’ve worked with some of the world’s most demanding organisations delivering everything from Cyber Security, Competition Law and Data Protection to leadership and product training. 

Speak to us now for a demo or to find out how we can help you solve your next design challenge. 

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