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Onboarding: What’s the best process?

New employee onboarding can be daunting, for both businesses and…

New hire sales training – how to train your new hires on complex products and regulations

New hire sales trainings are how you introduce you new team members.
However, new hire sales trainings take time to organise and you need both the right tools and the right approach. In this article we talk about strategies as well as softwares to consider.

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5 steps for building trust in the workplace

It is important that employees have trust in all aspects of their work…

Employee onboarding process best practices

Employee onboarding processes need to take into account both what the new hire needs from you and what you need them to learn. Too often the focus is your offer: what you sell and what it does. But the best onboarding processes also teach about your culture, your customers, your regulatory regime, and they give the new hire the tools they need to succeed.

The step-by-step guide to new hire onboarding

Onboarding is like a foundation. It gives your new hires the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in the company.

Good onboarding actually starts before day one. Advanced access to tools and an overview of the training schedule is a good pre-employment training kit.

How to create a positive workplace culture

Positive workplace culture is about more than just how employees get on or after-work events. Workplace culture is about employee behaviour, the values of the company and how those values are translated into actions.

The opportunities and challenges of digital learning

As more of the world moves online, so has education. The newest…

How to make people engaged in learning online?

If you speak with anyone in the L&D (Learning and Development) space, they will tell you that engagement or lack thereof is critical in the success of any learning online initiative.

Why sales training fails

Companies spend a lot of time, effort and money on recruitment and onboarding. Recruitment firms can charge anywhere from 3% up to 25% of an employee’s salary. However, that’s not taking into account the internal time spent on recruiting and sales training.

Why rebrands fail: The traps to avoid to get the best ROI

A shift towards digital learning can have a big impact on your business’s overall success.

Digital experiences and learning play a crucial role in businesses to equip their employees with the right tools and skills to thrive and grow in their workplace.