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ChatGPT for learning: Incredible or Uncredible?

Understanding and implementing behaviour change strategies has …

Spotlight on learning trends in the telecommunications industry

With today’s digital landscape evolving at the speed of light (well nearly), the telecommunications industry has never been more competitive.

Where is the spotlight shining on mental health in 2023?

Mental health is now such a broad, and widely discussed, topic in the media that it can be difficult to know where to start.

human brain mind idea symbol

Autism: mythbusting

Mythbusting the misconceptions that for many are synonymous with the…

Middle age hispanic man with beard wearing business clothes at the office asking to be quiet with finger on lips. silence and secret concept.

Quiet Quitting – just a hashtag, or a cry for help?

Quiet quitting –doing the bare minimum your job description requires – went viral in 2022. We ask: is this a genuine movement against working unnecessary extra hours, or just a trendy hashtag?

How do you power-up your social impact as a business? 

Investing in building trust in the workplace, is crucial in today’s climate. Trust is not just an expectation of behaviour, it’s an emotional brain state.

BADFest: The making of

What do you do when your team has had two years in lockdown? When your new…

Imposter Syndrome and workplace wellbeing

According to a 2020 review, 85% of UK professionals suffer from Imposter …

Autism: How words shape our understanding

Although everyone these days will have heard of autism, not everyone will have a clear idea of what it entails …