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Behavioural science principles

Behavioural science principles : emotion in learning

Learning is so often about self-discovery – how we feel about difficult situations, react to challenges, overcome adversity, handle pressure, celebrate success – these are all opportunities to include emotion in learning and create an experience that changes hearts as well as minds.

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How to create a positive workplace culture

Positive workplace culture is about more than just how employees get on or after-work events. Workplace culture is about employee behaviour, the values of the company and how those values are translated into actions.

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Changing behaviour

The IKEA Effect

The IKEA effect describes how putting personal effort into something, in this case the construction of your furniture, can increase your perceived value of the item.

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Best Practice

Stress as motivation for learning

There are some unexpected benefits to experiencing a little bit of stress.
While heightened stress can feel overwhelming and decrease motivation, a little bit can help to kick-start your work, and actually enhance motivation.

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Changing behaviour

The COM-B model for digital intervention design

Companies spend a lot of time, effort and money on recruitment and onboarding. Recruitment firms can charge anywhere from 3% up to 25% of an employee’s salary. However, that’s not taking into account the internal time spent on recruiting and sales training.

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