2023 new year goal planning idea, wood block cube with new year

Digital learning trends: what we expect to see in 2023

Welcome to the digital learning trends we expect will form a large part of our client conversations and project work in 2023.

Middle age hispanic man with beard wearing business clothes at the office asking to be quiet with finger on lips. silence and secret concept.

Quiet Quitting – just a hashtag, or a cry for help?

Quiet quitting –doing the bare minimum your job description requires – went viral in 2022. We ask: is this a genuine movement against working unnecessary extra hours, or just a trendy hashtag?

Behavioural science principles: provide feedback

We should give people feedback on their performance as they go.
Why? Feedback allows people to determine if they should re-evaluate their understanding or behaviour.

UX microcopy and the power of words

As workplace learning becomes ever more about influencing behaviour…