Moving on up! BAD’s increased growth and performance recognised in 2024 Fosway 9-Grid™ 

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Moving on up! BAD’s increased growth and performance recognised in 2024 Fosway 9-Grid™

BAD are delighted to have advanced along the highly anticipated 2024 Fosway 9-Grid™ for digital learning. 

This movement recognises BAD’s year-on-year improvement in terms of growth and performance relative to the rest of the market and demonstrates BAD’s commitment to being truly client oriented. Taking an innovative behavioural-science led approach to overcoming organisational challenges has helped BAD delight clients, achieving outcomes that go above and beyond expectations. 

Fosway 9-Grid™

A Core Challenger 

Thanks to this good track record of performance and high levels of customer advocacy, BAD ranks on the grid as a Core Challenger. This demonstrates BAD’s ability to perform well within enterprises, bringing excellent capabilities with a varied suite of solutions. 

This position also recognises BAD’s strong potential, as a sophisticated provider, able to act as a strategic partner, driving complex interventions across a range of contexts including commercial strategy, risk and reputation, compliance, employee experience and culture.

“One of the big moves in the digital learning market is the need to provide more personalised experiences, now increasingly enabled by AI and by behavioural insights data,” said David Wilson, CEO and founder of Fosway Group. “BAD’s position on this year’s 9-Grid™ as Core Challenger reflects their focus on applying evidence-based design in the form of behaviour science to their customer solutions.”

What is the Fosway 9-Grid™? 

Developed by Fosway Group, Europe’s leading HR analyst firm, the Fosway 9-Grid™ is a unique assessment of the principal learning and talent supply options available to organisations. Based on extensive independent research and insights, the grid provides a visual representation of the relative position of solutions and providers in a particular learning and talent systems market. 

The Fosway 9-Grid™ for digital learning assesses different learning solutions based on their performance, potential, market presence, total cost of ownership and future trajectories across the market, and can help organisations better understand and evaluate different learning solutions, against their particular needs. 

The digital learning market has faced a particularly challenging year. Significant economic pressures and a rapidly evolving marketing place have led to reduced budgets and longer decision-making processes. Vendors have been challenged to demonstrate more tangible outcomes, prompting a greater focus on analytics and return on investment. The rise of AI is also changing the game, presenting both opportunities and threats. 

As part of increasing impact and ROI, organisations are now considering how their learning and development strategies can align with broader HR initiatives, and how taking a more joined up approach can produce greater gains in employee engagement and overall performance. 

In the face of these challenges, BAD has continued to evolve and innovate, developing a unique approach to traditional learning problems. Utilising data and science, BAD partners with clients to develop targeted interventions, backed by evidence to help organisations overcome their challenges in a more effective and efficient way. 

About the Fosway 9-Grid™ 

Fosway Group is Europe’s #1 HR analyst. The Fosway 9-Grid provides a unique assessment of the principal learning and talent supply options available to organisations in EMEA. The analysis is based on extensive independent research and insights from Fosway’s Corporate Research Network of over 250 organisations including BP, HSBC, PwC, RBS, Sanofi, Shell, and Vodafone. 

Visit the Fosway website at for more information on Fosway Group’s research and services.