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Global Healthcare Solutions provider

Delivering exceptional customer education with ease and simplicity.

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When it comes to getting your message out there, for most organisations the problem isn’t a lack of content. It’s being able to deliver that content in a way that provides value for your audience, without hindering your business.

Our customer, a global Healthcare Solutions provider, knows this only too well, when they were faced with the recurring complex and time intensive challenge of updating their customer education website.

This case study shares the story of how BestAtDigital helped them develop a simple but effective digital customer education site, saving them time and money while allowing them to bring control back in-house.

The customer

Our Healthcare Solutions customer is a global manufacturer, designer and marketer of medical products and services that are sold and used in a range of medical facilities around the world. It’s crucial for the medical professionals using them to be able to access high quality and up to date training. They have an extensive library of high impact educational content, including webinars, instructional videos, and interactive courses. Their challenge lay in how their customers accessed their training resources.

The problem

Our Healthcare Solutions customer uses a tiered approach to their educational content. They use an external website to share high level content and sample training, while directing users to their extended enterprise LMS, where they can sign up to access more in-depth content and training.

The problem lay with the external customer education site. When updates to the site were required, our customer’s Education Team were unable to edit the site themselves, instead having to enlist a team of web developers to make even the smallest content change. This caused time delays and additional costs.

Our customer needed a multi-language experience for their new customer education site that presented sample training content, upcoming events, and access to their LMS to sign up for training. It needed to be easy to update – both from a regulatory and an engagement perspective – and to be branded so it’s easily recognisable as their site.

The solution

Our Healthcare Solutions customer worked with BestAtDigital to design and develop a new, branded customer education site, using BAD’s experience platform (XP) technology.


At BAD we understand that lack of control over content means organisations have to lean on costly and time consuming third parties to edit their web content. Our XP has a built-in editing system that allows our customers to create, edit and manage high quality content themselves.

BAD got our Healthcare Solutions customer up and running with templates, cards and components branded to their organisation. Then, handed over creative control of site building, content writing and page design to their Education Team. Now, they can create digital spaces with ease, adding and removing pages and components, changing images, titles and the content links as they need.

With this built-in editing functionality, XP makes it simple for our customer to react to product and regulation changes across markets by updating their content quickly and easily.

Languages and locales

Our customer provides medical products and services in 120 countries across the globe, and their training offering reflects that. For the new customer education site to meet requirements of its global users, it needed to be available in multiple languages. In addition, since medical regulation differs across countries (and states in some countries), they needed to be able to adapt the site content for users in different areas.

With the language and location requirements in mind, BAD’s XP solution is configured to read a user’s browser language and present the appropriate language version of the site’s pages. Users can also manually select a language from the site UI.

The XP technology enables organisations to launch digital experiences across markets, and to empower global and local teams to adapt digital spaces for market needs.


BAD’s XP allows our Healthcare Solutions customer to monitor user behaviour with secure analytics, powered by Google Analytics. Analysing user behaviour through XP analytics enables them to see how users have engaged with their customer education site, giving them insight into user preferences, pain points, and areas for improvement.

With these insights, our customer can make evidence-based, data-driven decisions to enhance user experience, optimise content, and achieve their business objectives for the customer education site. They can change, update and build new content in line with changing user needs.

Future use

Our Healthcare Solutions customer is not limited to their current number of pages for their customer education site. With XP, they can create as many pages with as many editors as they require. There’s no extra charge for number of pages or editors, so when opportunities to engage with medical professionals arise, or further HR, learning, onboarding, sales, event promotion or knowledge challenges present themselves, they now have an empowering experience platform technology that allows them to create personalised digital spaces that engage employees, customers, and medical professionals.  

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The results

Time saving

Developing a new customer education site with BAD’s XP has saved our customer time in managing their content. Previously, our customer’s Education Team were not able to make edits to the customer education page themselves. Instead, they had to instruct a web development team to make the required changes. Each request took, on average, two weeks to complete. With the new site built in BAD’s XP, our customer’s Education Team can make changes to the page instantly.

Easy language management

With the new customer education site, managing translated versions of the page is incredibly easy. Our customer’s Education Team can edit, launch, and maintain language versions themselves using XP’s in-built editing system, without relying on a third party.

From the customer

The ultimate goal of our educational material is to change clinical practice by demonstrating the effectiveness of our products and their underlying therapies. Given how far-reaching the internet is, our education website is an incredible asset for achieving this goal.”

Product Manager of the customer education website.

If you are interested in exploring ways to streamline your organisation’s digital ecosystem, check out our digital XP brochure. Or feel free to get in touch with us!

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