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Case study: Nissan Europe

Nissan Europe partner with BestAtDigital to develop a multi-country, multi-language learning solution that delivers personalised content to car dealers.


The customer

Nissan Europe have a network of car dealers across EMEA, who they partner with to sell their cars to consumers. As part of this partnership, they provide product training, as well as training on new technologies, skills, processes, and communications about dealership activity.

Nissan Europe are experts in technology and performance, with a real focus on quality. They need to provide a learning experience that reflects their brand mission, and content that’s easy to access and inspiring to explore.

The problem

…for car dealers

Nissan Europe had a digital learning platform in place which they used to deliver training to car dealers, but there wasn’t an easy way to use personalised content to each country. This meant that the information was too generic. For example, Sales Executives could see training only relevant to technical colleagues and vice versa.

Dealers also found the platform interface uninspiring and difficult to navigate. Not only was it hard to find training, but resources and supplementary information were tucked away, too. As a result, Nissan Europe were seeing a lack of engagement with training and resources, which was a problem because essential information about each car the dealers were selling was being missed.

…for administrators

The training delivered by Nissan Europe is managed by country administrators – one per country. It’s their responsibility to provide dealers with learning and communication material via the digital learning platform. Without an easy way to update this material, the country administrators were not able to provide up-to-date learning and comms to dealers.

To update training material based on new legislation or product advances, they had to ask the central platform team for support. With support requests coming from all over EMEA, the central platform team soon had a backlog of work that would take time to action. This meant learning and comms presented on the platform were not accurate or timely, impacting the car dealers ability to sell Nissan products.

The solution

Nissan Europe worked with BAD to get relevant and engaging content out to Nissan dealers across EMEA. We used our Canvas solution to develop a multi-country, multi-language learning experience that delivered intuitive experiences and presented bespoke, personalised content for each Nissan dealer.

New platform homepage

We developed a platform Homepage that is personalised to each car dealer’s individual training requirements, their language and the country they operate in. That means that when the dealer comes to the page, everything they see is relevant to them and the actions they need to take. They don’t need to search for important content – it’s right there for them, up-to-date and relevant.

Simple maintenance

As well as a new Homepage, we gave Nissan Europe the tools to create learning material and comms with a branded template. The template has been designed with a Nissan branded look and feel that reflects Nissan’s technological expertise, performance and quality.

Using the template, Nissan country administrators can develop learning material and comms pages that cover everything from product updates and product launch info to newsletters and resource hubs. This solution is easy for country administrators to build, maintain and update the learning and comms, and deliver it directly to the relevant car dealers.

The results

Reduction in support requests

Before the implementation of BAD’s Canvas solution, the central platform team were dealing with a huge number of support requests from dealers who couldn’t find the training they needed, and from country administrators who wanted to update learning and comms materials.

Since the launch, the central platform team have not received any requests of this nature, saving them time and allowing them to focus on other initiatives.

Positive feedback from country administrators and car dealers

Administrators are enjoying the control the new solution has given them. They now have the tools and flexibility to quickly create and edit dealer-facing content. As well as creating learning content, they’ve been delivering newsletters and enabling registrations for events.

According to one country administrator, the solution has enhanced user experience for dealers, citing the fact that everything is one place, with direct access to eLearning modules as the key to its success. Car dealers have said that completing pre learning for events via the new solution has been quicker and they’ve not needed to ask for support in finding or completing their learning.

From the customer

“This project with BAD was great and smooth. Our LMS has achieved a huge enhancement in users’ experience. The Canvas tool helped us create a modern, personalised and easy to manage interface.

End users and country’s administrators are enthusiastic and ask for more, now they are bringing ideas.”

Nissan LMS Expert

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