Enterprise onboarding software: what to know

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Enterprise onboarding software: what you need to know

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Onboarding can be a challenge, both for enterprise companies and their new employees. Starting at a new company is nerve-wracking for your new hires. It’s your responsibility to address those concerns as much as possible. 

Your onboarding process is key. It should help to answer all of their questions, and provide all the information they need to get started. Onboarding helps to build a relationship between an employee and your company. Therefore, it’s important to get the process right to improve retention.

In the digital age, many workplace processes are completed using digital technologies. Increasingly your employees might need to be onboarded remotely. Software can help to simplify typically complicated tasks, introduce employees to your workplace culture and help them understand the requirements of their job. Improve your onboarding process by implementing useful software, helping your employees manage their workday.

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What is onboarding software?​

Onboarding software is any software that your employees might use when they join your business. It might help them to learn new information, or aid their time management. Your enterprise onboarding software should set your new employees on the right track. Here are some of the most useful forms of enterprise onboarding software for your next hiring process.


Portals can fulfil two useful steps in onboarding: providing information and communication. Firstly, welcome portals can host a database of information pertaining to an individual job role, or the company as a whole. Your portals should be a useful resource for new employees. They can refer to their portal as they need to, rather than feeling the pressure of asking a line manager.

You can give access to portals before a new hire starts. This allows you to provide them with valuable information for their first day, and what to expect at your company. It’s ideal to form a connection with your new hires before they start.

Your entire workforce should have access to your workplace portal. This provides them with a place to communicate, and collaborate. New employees can feel disconnected from their colleagues. This is a great way to create a digital connection. New hires can also ask questions, and discuss any challenges they are facing.

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Task and workflow management

Task management tools are useful for all employees within a business, not just the latest additions. However, they do help new employees to manage their workflow. They show a list of tasks that need to be completed. Typically, you can add relevant documents and monitor the progress of a task on the same software.

Task management software allows employees to manage their time. They can see what tasks they have coming up, and the appropriate deadlines. For a nervous new employee, this is key in building confidence. 

These tools are also a great way to monitor productivity. This allows managers to see where new employees might need support. 


The right training can make or break an onboarding process. It is a key element for confidence building. Again, this isn’t just specific to new hires. However, they are most likely to need the additional support. 

When we think of training, we often think of the typical classroom setting; people sat at desks taking notes from a PowerPoint. However, software can simplify, and even improve, this step too.

Digital experiences offer the opportunity for new hires to learn in a scenario-based setting. This software can offer different scenarios based on your needs. They can also include an element of gamification, whereby employees get rewards for performing well. 

Therefore, your employees can learn by doing, rather than reading. This is a more engaging learning method, and results in more self-assured enterprise employees. 

At BAD, we craft digital learning experiences for the enterprise industry. We know how important onboarding and effective training is to the retention of your employees. Get in touch with us to discuss your training or portal development needs. 

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