Top digital onboarding trends in 2022 financial services

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Digital onboading financial services: top trends in 2022

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Onboarding new employees presents a challenge, especially in the financial services industry. There is often a lot of information to be absorbed very quickly by new hires. Therefore, it’s even more important that onboarding is done correctly. 

Digital technologies have innovated every part of our lives, including our workdays. The newest technologies improve our working lives, and innovations continue to achieve efficiency and improved performance.

Your onboarding process can benefit from digitisation. This is especially important in today’s post-pandemic landscape, as more employees work remotely. Here are our top trends for digital onboarding financial services, for 2022.

Online training and learning

Training is an important step in every job role. Whether your new hire is experienced in the financial services industry or not. Your employees need to learn about both your industry, and your organisation to succeed in their role.


Digital experiences

Digital experiences offer scenario-based training on a digital learning platform. They make sure that their content is of the same standard as other resources available on the internet. They do this whilst assimilating a wide range of platforms. Your new hires learn by doing, rather than by reading information from a sheet of paper. This is both more engaging for your learners, and more effective. The ultimate aim of digital experiences is to help your organisation deliver better outcomes. 

Financial services can be a challenging subject for employees even if they have worked in the space before. For this reason, you must make sure you provide them with the best and most accessible learning resources available. Using digital experiences, your new hires get experience dealing with work-related problems, without the risk. Ideally, by the time their initial training is over, they’re prepared to tackle any challenges in their job role.


Gamification is a type of digital experience approach which includes a rewards process. As a result, it engages learners and drives them to improve. 

Learning is formatted as a “game” with positive and negative end results, like any game. 

In financial services, new hires will typically be working towards KPIs. This is another kind of reward process. Gamification platforms are a good way to monitor the progress of new hires and steer them in the right direction.

Employee portals

Your digital portals should be a great resource for both existing staff and new employees. They could contain FAQs, financial resources, and role-relevant information. They’re also a great way for employees to communicate, both with each other and with management where necessary.

Portals like this are particularly valuable in the financial sector, as there is often a lot of data to absorb. This is challenging for new hires. Therefore, the information needs to be accessible for future reference. 

Access to the portal also puts less pressure on new employees, as they can refer to the portal as needed. They won’t need to contact their new managers. In the age of remote working, managers can’t always be available.

Ensure that portals are kept up to date with the most current information. The financial services industry changes regularly, and it’s important that your employees have access to the right resources.

Video conferencing and webinars

Digital onboarding financial services wouldn’t be possible without video conferencing. This’s even more important for remote employees. 

Remote working is more common, and video conferencing allows employees to keep in contact. New employees often need more monitoring and support than existing employees. It’s important that there is always an open channel of communication. 

Video conferencing achieves this for employees both in the office and remote workers. Therefore, video conferencing will continue to be critical in 2022.

However, there’s a new video format increasing in popularity for onboarding. Often, webinars from external sources are used to train employees, both new and existing. 

Consider hosting your own webinars for new hires. This allows you to provide training that’s tailored to your organisation, not just the general financial sector. It also offers the opportunity for company-wide training, for those that would like a refresh.

At BAD, we build digital learning experiences for onboarding in a variety of industries. Get in touch to discuss your digital onboarding and training processes.

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