What apps do you use for onboarding new employees?

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What apps do you use for onboarding new employees?

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Onboarding new employees is challenging. They need to absorb a lot of information in a relatively short space of time. You also need to ensure that you provide all the relevant information. Apps for onboarding focus on giving employees the best possible start with your business.

Employees need to be able to communicate effectively, and keep control of their work. This is especially important for new employees, as they begin to get to grips with your business.

New hires should be welcomed into your workplace, and given the tools to perform as quickly as possible. Ensure that you have all the best apps for onboarding, to set your workforce up for success.


One of the most important elements for new employees is a workspace. Remote workers, especially, rely on a collaboration platform. However, all of your employees need to be able to work together with ease, whether in the office or at home. Consider the Confluence workspace. 

Confluence allows your employees to create work, collaborate and learn in one place. There are spaces to provide access to important company information, and access any other knowledge they need. It can also help to structure teams, organize and share work, and aid in decision making. Confluence can help you to keep on top of your best practices.

The platform works for teams of all sizes, to ensure that your employees can work efficiently.



Your employees will also need a place to communicate, especially within their teams. Effective communication is key to high performing staff and good quality work. 

Slack is one of the most popular workplace communication tools. You can create channels to discuss each group of work. Teams can also have their own channel to discuss work relevant to their team.

It also provides a direct messaging feature, where you can communicate with anyone in the business. This platform facilitates a good working relationship between employees, which is key for new hires.

Slack also allows integration with other apps for onboarding, like Zoom, Google Drive, calendars and more. All company communications and work allocations can work through Slack. This provides a one-stop solution for communication issues across a business.


Your workforce needs clear and concise goals for their work. It is important that they know what is expected of them, relevant deadlines, and upcoming work. This helps them be as productive as possible, and manage their time effectively. 

Monday.com is a project management tool for your business. It provides a clear layout of work, advising you on what has been completed, and what is yet to be finished. Tasks can be assigned to any staff member, along with deadlines and a quality assurance checklist.

You can create boards for each project, with groups for each type of work. For example, graphics, web development, written content and so on. This is particularly helpful for new employees, to avoid confusing them about their work priorities. 


BAD digital onboarding

You need to ensure that your new hires have the opportunity to learn about your company, and what you do. They will also need to have all the information regarding their specific role. This is key to producing productive, and happy, new employees.

BAD develops learning tools for your employees. They can create platforms that teach employees about your organisation, your product, and other important processes.

They craft digital learning experiences, similar to gamification. They can walk your employees through new processes, rather than providing them with lumps of information to absorb. These experiences are an effective way to get your new hires up to speed. 

Contact BAD today to discuss your new employee education needs. We can craft digital experiences to suit your business and set your employees up for success.

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